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for a French musician-
Family expatriated to the US, a childhood and adolescence marked by an exploration of the southern states,cradle of 'Afro American Music'. A few years later, Yann moves to Mississippi and here is where his true vocation is revealed, when he starts jaming with local musicians who are quick to show their enthusiasm and support.
A few years ago Yann released
his first album which won rave
reviews from the critics and 
enjoyed great success with
the public.
Today the voice and guitar
style of the young Parisian is
colored by all the different
styles of black american music
Yann mixes soul, funk, jazz, blues
& pop to write his own compositions.
His new album 'Movin'On' reveals
a very personal & original
side to his work.




THE SOULBROTHAZ is the name of the band put together by Yann Cole which includes some great Paris musicians & vocalists -

  • Laurian Daire, keyboards & vocals.

  • Gino Chantoiseau, bass.

  • Sonny Troupé or Francis Arnaud, drums.

  • Amalya Delepierre backing vocals.

  • Eva Suissa, backing vocals.

  • Vincent Aubert, trombone.

  • Vincent Payen or PM Humeau, Trumpet.

  • Xavier Quérou or Max Pinto, Saxophone.

All of them are well known musicians who are very succesful with other musical projects(Amalya is a solo artist for Universal,Sonny Troupé tours the world with his own project, Max who is well known for his work with Beat Assaillant & Panam Panic, Vincent Payen with Electrodeluxe, Vincent Aubert with Malted Milk.

The members of the Soulbrothaz are also very experienced sidemen (Sonny & Gino play with Lisa Simone, Francis plays with Christopher Cross, Eva with Garou, Laurian plays with Imany).


taken by Yann Cole & whether he be accompanied by his usual musicians, solo, or with various different combos, has seen him play many festivals, clubs & private events abroad (Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Greece,Senegal, Marocco) such as

- Enghien Jazz Festival 

- Paris New Morning Club

- Differdange Blues Express Fest (Luxembourg)

- Rossano Marco Fiume Blues Festival (Italy)

- Saint Louis Jazz Festival (Senegal)

- Zurich Casa Bar Club (Switzerland)

- Leuca Gibo Club (Italy)

- Mont d'Or Blues Festival

- Paris Disneyland Billybob's Club

- Paris Hard Rock Café
- Montargis Musikair' Festival

- Blois Tous Sur le Pont Festival
- Paris l''Esprit Jazz Festival

- Chanteloup Solstice Festival

- Noctamblues Festival Chaumont

- Bougy Blues Festival

- Curbans Blues Festival

- Noyons Blues Festival
- Mantes la Jolie Blues sur Seine Festival

- Tours American Festival 2015

- Tours American Festival 2014

- Bagneux Blues Night

- Lyon James Café

- Kenzo, Sandro, TF1 events (Paris)

- Porsche event (Le Mans)

- Sol Invest event (Barcelona)

- Gucci event (Venice)

- P&G event (Amsterdam & Lisbon)     


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