We produce, manage & promote

ARTISTS & BANDS - music composition, studio recordings & communication

Our bands- Yann Cole & The Soulbrothaz, French-Y, The Mates ...
We provide

RECORDED MUSIC & VOICE for television, radio, internet, cinema ...

SOUND & LIGHT EQUIPMENT for any kind of live music & DJ performance


We are a team of multi task artists & musicians

YANN COLE Music Composer, Singer & Guitarist, Comedian,

Band Manager for French-Y, Yann Cole & the Soulbrothaz, The Mates 
MEHDI MADIR Multi intrumentist, Sound Engineer, Music Composer, sideman for Khaled, l'Artiste...

BRUNO PIMIENTA Drummer, Music Composer, Sound Engineer & sideman for Big Hustle, Boney Fields... 

ALESSANDRA DE BENEDETTO Events Coordinator, Communication manager

MAURICE ZEMMOUR Music Composer, Bassist & band leader for N'oubliez pas les Paroles & Khaled 


OUR ARTISTS perform live anywhere in the world  

OUR STUDIOS are located rue du Caire in Paris 2eme, France & rue de Rouen, Paris 19eme

OUR SERVICES we operate mainly in Paris, France but we can also provide, transport, instal musical equipment anywhere in France and Europe.


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EMAIL yanncole@hotmail.com 


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